Tuesday, November 6, 2012

SCADA Safety in numbers

The number of detected vulnerabilities has increased by 20 times since 2010. 
It takes more than a month to fix each fifth vulnerability.
50% of vulnerabilities allow a hacker to execute code.
There are exploits for 35% of vulnerabilities.
41% of vulnerabilities are critical.
More than 40% of systems available from the Internet can be hacked by unprofessional users.
The third part of systems available from the Internet is located in the USA.
The fourth part of vulnerabilities is related to the lack of necessary security updates.
54% and 39% of systems available from the Internet in Europe and North America respectively are vulnerable.



  1. Do you have backup for any of these stats?

  2. I am going to hazard a guess and say "references, citations." That is what I got from context, anyway. He must have missed the link.

  3. Direct Link: http://www.ptsecurity.com/download/SCADA_analytics_english.pdf

    We will release more tomorow at #poc2012 in Seoul