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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

S4x13 Releases: S7 password offline bruteforce tool

As you know S7 protocol, used to communication between Engineering Stations, SCADA, HMI and PLC can be protected by password.

On-line authentication is a simple challenge-response protocol.
  • Password hashed (SHA1) on client (TIA Portal)
  • Server (PLC) provide 20 byte challenge
  • Client calculate HMAC-SHA1(challenge, SHA1(password) as response

Enjoy our special S4x13 release by Alexander Timorin, Dmitry Sklyarov
Parameters are hardcoded, sorry.
cfg_pcap_file = 'path to .pcap file'
cfg_dictionary_file = 'path to dictionary file'

Feel free to contribute.

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