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Sunday, December 28, 2014

SOS! Secure Open SmartGrids!

Dear all,

After our 31C3 Too SmartGrid in da Cloud talk we get many questions about Solar and Wind plants vulnerabilities, Internet connected SmartGrid devices. Guys, sorry, but we don’t know yet.

There are dozens of platforms, hundreds of vendors, thousands of SmartGrid devices… Millions of them connected to Internet without any protection. But you can change the situation.
Join our SCADASOS project to make the world safer!


A: SCADASOS - (un)Secure Open SmartGrids is open initiative to rise awareness on insecurities of  SmartGrid, Photovoltaic Power Stations and Wind Farms.

Q: How to participate
A: Find Internet-connected PV and Wind power stations and notify vendors/CERTs/community.

Q: Wow! It simple! Can I hack it?
A: No. It can be a hospital or your grandma’s cottage. Please use passive approach (firmware analysis, testbeds etc.)

Q: I get an 0day!
A: Please submit it to vendor and/or regional CERT 

Q: What will I get?
A: Kudos at SCADA StrangeLove Talks/Knowledge/Safer World.


You can make shodan saved search or drop google dorks to twitter

Please use tags #solar #wind #scadasos



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