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Friday, August 23, 2019

AI Finger

Special release for XCON 2019 Beijing conference and “AI for Security or Security for AI” talk by Sergey Gordeychik.

Very first (and very draft) round of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Frameworks and Applications Fingerprinting and Internet Census project.
Based on the Grinder framework.


AI systems are complex and fragile. For example "The TensorFlow server is meant for internal communication only. It is not built for use in an untrusted network."

Please think before connect AI to the Internet. Don't make a friendship with human or you are going learn bad things from them.  Tay already know

Random TensorBoards from the Shodan.

Distribution by Country 

Product type

Common vulnerabilities

CVSS risk rating 


Project files


Sergey Gordeychik
Anton Nikolaev
Denis Kolegov


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