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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Vulnerabilities of Machine Learning Infrastructure (Slides/Video)

Vulnerabilities of Machine Learning Infrastructure talk as presented at CodeBlue 2020 Japan and Standoff365 by Sergey Gordeychik.

The boom of AI brought to the market a set of impressive solutions both on the hardware and software side. On the other hand, massive implementation of AI in various areas brings about problems, and security is one of the greatest concerns.

In this talk we will present results of hands-on vulnerability research of different components of AI infrastructure including NVIDIA DGX GPU servers, ML frameworks such as Pytorch, Keras and Tensorflow, data processing pipelines and specific applications, including Medical Imaging and face recognition powered CCTV. Updated Internet Census toolkit based on the Grinder framework will be introduced.



Featured story 

NVIDIA Patches Critical Bug in High-Performance Servers 



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