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Wednesday, August 4, 2021


For 48 hours, participants will be able to solve tasks of all categories: web, reverse, pwn, forensics, crypto, OSINT, joy. Also new categories have been added: hardware, pentest and emulation!

Top-15 participating in the classification will receive small souvenirs from the sponsoring companies Deteact and Avito.

Top-3 participating in the classification will share valuable prizes from other sponsors:

- 10 OSCP-certifications with 90-days lab access (Offensive Security).

- 10 VIP HackTheBox from 1 to 6 months (HackTheBox).

- 3 sets of equipment for testing devices (NTC Vulkan).

- 21 codes for a 3-month subscription to

- 10 invitations to the ZeroNights 2022 conference (Digital Security)

- 21 hardware prizes, 7 promo codes for the DFA course, 7 Windows Forensics Cookbook (Group-IB)

- A set of souvenirs from Positive Technologies.

- A set of souvenirs from Kaspersky.

Register and follow the news! The future is in the past.

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